Broker CPD gets modern update

Thousands of brokers nationwide are now able to top up their CPD points at any time that suits them through NIBA College’s Self-Managed CPD Training initiative.

With NIBA’s two-year 50-point CPD cycle having started again in 2015, there’s no better time to get your business involved.

Self-Managed CPD Training allows NIBA Principal members to pay a cost-effective annual subscription, which then enables their staff access to more than 80 online CPD courses through NIBA College without the need to pay for each course before enrolment.

It not only saves time, but is an extremely cost-effective way of ensuring brokers attain their required annual CPD allocation, while remaining on top of the latest emerging risks and regulatory developments affecting our profession.

The annual company subscription – which is calculated based on your number of employees – incorporates set-up costs, implementation, access and support. Individuals can then self-manage their enrolment into any CPD course without having to seek approval or pay on a course-by-course basis.

In order to participate in the initiative, a brokerage’s staff need simply to be registered in the NIBA College system, which takes just a few minutes. The whole process is very straightforward. There is no IT burden and no requirement to integrate existing learning systems. A number of NIBA Principal members have already signed up for this program.

For more information on getting your company involved, contact NIBA’s L-J Milton on (02) 9459 4319 or email