NIBA CEO: A new era

We have entered into a new era of broker education following the signing of an historic partnership between NIBA and ANZIIF.

To put it succinctly, the collaboration will involve ANZIIF becoming NIBA’s preferred supplier of broker education with immediate effect. NIBA College will take on no further enrolments into its qualifications and training programs, and existing College students will have until 1 September next year to finish their studies.

As NIBA withdraws from the direct provision of education and training services for insurance brokers, many will no doubt ask what is now the role and value of NIBA.

After the change is implemented, the NIBA Mission Statement does not change:

“NIBA is the one voice for insurance brokers in Australia, representing their interests and promoting high standards of professionalism and competence.”

And the NIBA Vision also does not change:

Our Vision is to be a valued partner in helping Members achieve their aspirations.

NIBA’s role and value will continue to be based around our three core Goals and Objectives:

  •   Representation
  •   Professionalism
  •   Community

We will continue to represent the interests of insurance brokers in Australia to governments, regulators, industry stakeholders, the media and the community in general. We explain what insurance brokers do, the value they provide to their clients, and we will continue to argue for relevant and appropriate legislation and regulation that aids and assists the insurance process.

We will promote the need for an effective and competitive insurance market, the proper understanding and management of risk, and the critical need for advice on risk and insurance matters.

NIBA remains committed to developing and promoting high standards of professional practice for all insurance brokers in Australia, for the benefit of their clients and the community. NIBA believes high levels of professionalism are being achieved through:–

  •   Industry relevant education and training, and continuing professional development. NIBA supports and recommends ANZIIF as its preferred provider of education and training for insurance brokers;
  •   The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice; and
  •   High levels of ethical and professional conduct by insurance brokers in Australia.

Quality education and training will remain the foundation on which professionalism in insurance broking is built. NIBA will work closely with ANZIIF to ensure industry relevant education and training is provided in ways that meet the knowledge, skills and competencies required by insurance brokers of the future.

NIBA will continue to provide information and analysis which keeps insurance brokers and others in the intermediated insurance industry up to date and aware of the developments that could well have an impact on them and on their businesses.

We will continue to provide Members with updates and explanations of legal and regulatory developments, and will identify trends in insurance and finance that are likely to affect insurance broking in Australia.

NIBA will continue to develop and promote the Need a Broker service, so business owners and members of the community can easily find an insurance broker in their area. We will take opportunities to explain and promote the role and value of insurance brokers to the wider community.

In terms of the intermediated insurance community, NIBA will continue to provide opportunities for insurance brokers to meet, share, learn, grow and prosper, at industry events and other activities. NIBA Members will always have the opportunity to participate in these events and activities at a discounted rate.

NIBA will continue to support, nurture and mentor young insurance broking professionals. Our young professionals are the future of our industry, and we will give them all the support and encouragement we can to help them learn and grow into qualified, experienced, professional insurance brokers.

In doing all these things, we will manage the resources provided to us by our members in an economical and efficient manner. We look forward to continue to work with you, and on your behalf, for many years to come.

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