NIBA CEO clears the air on UAC

Following a week of comments and concern about the relationship between NIBA and the Underwriting Agencies Council (UAC), NIBA CEO Dallas Booth has spoken to Broker Buzz to clarify the NIBA position.

“We are very strongly committed to the ongoing success of the series of Underwriting Agencies Expos that are held around Australia,” Booth says.

“NIBA will continue to work in close collaboration with UAC to do what we can to enhance and grow these events. They are extremely popular and are of real benefit to both underwriting agencies and insurance brokers.

“We were delighted with the successful inclusion of the UAC “expo within the expo” at the recent NIBA Convention in Adelaide. The arrangements that NIBA was able to offer UAC meant that underwriting agencies were able to fully participate in the NIBA Convention Expo on a cost-effective basis, and have access to all Convention delegates and visitors while the Convention Expo was in operation.”

On the subject of NIBA’s upcoming Western Sydney Insurance Expo, Booth added: “NIBA is always working with its regional committees and considering new ideas on how to engage with members outside the mainland capital city CBDs.

“Insurance brokers operate across the length and breadth of Australia, and NIBA wants to find ways to provide as many members as possible with opportunities to come together and gather information on new insurance products and initiatives, and to learn about industry developments that are likely to affect their business.

“The Western Sydney Insurance Expo is an example of NIBA’s desire to engage with members in the greater western Sydney area, and we have worked closely with the NIBA NSW Divisional Committee in arranging this event, which they feel very passionately about. We will carefully review the outcome of the event after it has concluded.”

Booth reiterated NIBA’s commitment to continuing to have a close working relationship with UAC, saying: “We will be meeting with UAC Chairman Heath Amber and UAC General Manager William Legge shortly to discuss plans for 2015, and to make sure both NIBA and UAC are working closely and collaboratively for the benefit of their respective memberships.”