NIBA College expands online CPD courses

It has never been easier to tailor your professional development to your career goals, after NIBA College expanded and updated its range of online CPD courses.

More than 130 courses are now available for enrolment and are accessible via the NIBA website.

NIBA College’s online courses are designed to engage with the entire spectrum of brokers, from new entrants through to those with senior experience in the industry.

The varying curriculum is organised into three main categories:

Broking Skills & Knowledge

Featuring more than 80 courses, this catalogue encompasses course content that is relevant to all skill levels in areas of compliance, technical learning and personal effectiveness. The courses are available to companies that are enrolled in NIBA’s Self-Managed CPD Training initiative.

Individual enrolments are available, as well as bulk subscriptions.

Bulk subscriptions: $10 per CPD point, with a minimum of 25 CPD points.

Premium Business Skills

This is a new category that has been tailored to accommodate the professional development needs of broking and insurance specialists, as well as those within industry support roles. The 26 new courses within this catalogue have been grouped into three predominant areas: Office Administration, Business Management and Marketing.

Individual enrolments are available under this category, as well as bulk subscriptions. However, enrolments are not currently available in conjunction with NIBA’s Self-Managed CPD Training initiative.

Bulk subscriptions: $20 per CPD point, with a minimum of 25 CPD points.

Management and Specialist Programs

The courses within this category are suitable for knowledgeable account executives or managers who have experience working within specialist or niche areas. The Management Program modules address skills that have been identified by NIBA members as essential to senior level practitioners. The Specialist Program is particularly pertinent to brokers and underwriters who have encountered challenges finding professional development opportunities to gain sufficient CPD points.

Visit CPD eLearning Programs for detailed information relating to all three categories.

For all enquiries contact NIBA’s L-J Milton on (02) 9459 4319 or