NIBA releases unbranded explainer videos

Buoyed by the strong response to NIBATV’s new animated video series, NIBA has released new versions of the videos that don’t direct viewers to

In recent weeks, NIBA has released two animated videos aimed at broker clients, giving a broad overview of the benefits of using a broker and of business interruption insurance.

Responding to member feedback that the videos would be a more powerful marketing tool without branding, the videos have been recut without it.

Brokers are welcome to embed the videos on their own websites and circulate to clients as they see fit.

To get the embed code, simply bring up the chosen video and click on the small paper plane icon in the top righthand corner. Then click on the </> button to bring up the code.

The new videos are below. NIBA members who would like the videos rebranded with their own logos and contact details are encouraged to contact NIBA Communications Manager Neal Maidment at