Strong industry response to Brisbane hailstorm

Queensland brokers have assembled a strong response to the catastrophic hailstorm that pounded the state’s south-east last Thursday.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth says he is aware of the great efforts many brokers have put in on behalf of their clients up to this point.

“That’s very commendable and we know all brokers will continue to play their role in what has been a very strong industry-wide response so far,” he says.

As of 9am on Tuesday, almost 58,000 claims had been lodged, following a super-cell storm that lashed parts of Brisbane and surrounding south-east Queensland. The majority of the claims are for motor vehicles, at nearly 43,000, while home and contents claims have risen above 15,000.

Damage estimates have now reached $304 million, according to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA).

The ICA has declared the storm a catastrophe, with reports of rainfall as heavy as 71mm and wind gusts up to 140km/h in Archerfield, along with 6mm hail and flash floods in Brisbane.

Brisbane broker Austcover began receiving claims before the storm had passed. Claims Manager Darren Burge said they had more than 100 claims come in the day after the storm, and he expects to end up with around 300 claims.

“We’re prioritising those with home damages such as collapsed roofs, but also taking cases of motor vehicle claims,” he says. “It’s about managing the insured’s expectations and being patient, as well as asking people to board up broken windows, et cetera so additional damages don’t occur.”

Brokers are reminded to be patient as Assurity Director Peter Roberts says not all client expectations will be met as far as the speed of assessments and/or repairs.

“This is where brokers really come to the front of the pack as far as the broker-client relationship, working together to get the job done,” he says.

Responding to natural catastrophes and disasters in a timely, professional, practical and compassionate manner, in conjunction with any industry-wide response, is one of the 12 service standards that insurance brokers have committed to in the Insurance Broker Code of Practice.