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  • Insurance on the high seas

    26 Sep 2012

    IRP online examines the risks attached to commercial shipping, ways to mitigate them and what brokers need to know to ensure they’re getting the right cover for their clients. 

  • Age-old problems

    26 Sep 2012

    Can the new national reform agenda defuse the demographic time bomb of the biggest post-war generation’s old age, and what risks does it present? 

  • Reinsurance to the rescue?

    21 Sep 2012

    Rising premiums in 2012-13 are inevitable as reinsurers recoup losses; but without reinsurers, insurance costs in Australia would be far greater. We examine reinsurers’ role in the Australian market and outline why brokers need to be on top of developments in reinsurance.

  • Sensitive skin?

    21 Sep 2012

    Australian insurers are reporting cancer as the leading claim lodgement for trauma covers and, in Australia, the leading cancer is skin-deep.

  • Uphill struggles in commercial fleet insurance

    30 Aug 2012

    Australia’s mining boom, coupled with the rise in internet shopping, have contributed to  a shortage of experienced drivers, which, together with increased weather events, are driving up premiums in commercial motor fleet insurance.

  • Maritimo launches prestige boat insurance

    03 Aug 2012

    Luxury boat manufacturers, Maritimo have launched their own marine insurance product, Maritimo Insurance.

  • Social media: winning hearts and minds

    26 Jul 2012

    When it’s part of a well-planned marketing strategy, social media can be a tool that’s more powerful than any other, but few brokers are utilising it. However, as our case studies show, there is enormous value in going digital – and it’s achievable even for the smallest firms.

  • WHS: what the new legislation means for brokers

    26 Jul 2012

    Here, we look at some of the requirements of the new laws, as well as how certain offences would be treated under the old and new regimes.

  • What's the big deal? Trends in Mergers and Acquisitions insurance

    26 Jul 2012

    As the local Mergers & Acquisitions market heats up, this niche area of insurance is growing rapidly. We talk to key industry players about the trends in this hot field of cover. 

  • New Marine Technical Services division brings Willis to Singapore

    04 Jul 2012

    Willis Group Holdings is set to enter Singapore through the formation of a new Marine Technical Services division led by former CSL – Asia Managing Director Sau Weng Tang. 


Results 31 - 40 of 90 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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