Insurance truths for students

The benefits and possibilities of a career in insurance were revealed to a host of high-achieving University of Technology Sydney undergraduates at a special panel session arranged by the NIBA NSW Young Professionals Committee last week.

Insurance was represented in the university’s annual ‘Job Truths’ series of financial services panel sessions for the first time, giving attendees a candid and realistic insight into the diverse career opportunities insurance has to offer.

NIBA NSW YP Committee members Scott Woodward (Zurich), Alexandra Ferguson (Willis) and Noel Kelly (Austbrokers AEI Transport) were joined on the panel by Skye Theodorou (Zurich) and Stephen Brunker (Gen Re) to lead discussions and field questions from the audience.


Panel members Skye Theodorou, Alexandra Ferguson, Noel Kelly and Stephen Brunker.

The two-hour session concluded with small working groups given the opportunity to question individual panellists more closely in what proved to be an extremely valuable experience for all involved.

“The audience was very engaged and asked a lot of very relevant questions,” said Zurich’s Scott Woodward. “If we have played even a small role in changing their perceptions of what a career in insurance could look like, we’ll have done something very worthwhile.”

Alex Ferguson concurred, adding: “The feedback I received from the students was very positive. There are a lot of opportunities for talented young people across our industry and I’d encourage them all to seriously consider insurance when they come to choosing a career.”

With raising the visibility of careers in insurance one of NIBA’s new key objectives, NIBA Communications Manager Neal Maidment said that initiatives such as this played an important role.

“We’re lucky that some of our members are proactive enough to get up and try to raise the perception of the value of a career in insurance, and who are great advocates for insurance as a whole.

“They have found that it’s a career that’s paying off for them and is rewarding on a number of levels. That’s a very powerful message to share with an engaged audience like this.”

A further panel session feature NIBA representatives as well as those from the world of banking will take place next week.

NIBA has also created an online portal in support of the sessions to provide interested students with additional information on the benefits of a career in insurance. It can be accessed at