Global role for NIBA President Stevens

NIBA President Graham Stevens is going up in the world – being announced as global Chairman of the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (WFII) for the next 12 months at their annual World Council Meeting in Hong Kong last week.

Stevens, an Executive Director at Edgewise Insurance Brokers in VIC, and who took up NIBA Presidency in December 2014, becomes the first Australian to hold the role.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth, who was with Stevens at the Council Meeting, said: “It’s an honour for Australian brokers, for NIBA and for Graham personally that colleagues from around the world have expressed their confidence in him to take a lead at global level for the next year.”

Although the work of the WFII isn’t widely known about by brokers in Australia, Booth said that it plays a vital role for insurance intermediaries right across the world.

“The WFII continues to carry significant influence within the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and is involved in crucial work at the United Nations and with G20 finance ministers. The WFII ensures that the views of brokers are heard in these forums, and it regularly achieves great outcomes for brokers around the world.”

Being involved with WFII helps to make sure the interests of Australian brokers are represented at the highest level.

Stevens added: “Although the members of WFII come from different places, and face different regulatory landscapes, there are many common areas that affect us all, including developing technologies, the global economy, climate change and emerging risks that we all face, or may be a growing threat in Australia.”

“It’s a fascinating and fast-paced time for us all, and being closely involved with WFII helps to make sure the interests of Australian brokers are represented at the highest level.”

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, WFII represents the interests of insurance intermediaries with international institutions and works to deepen the understanding of the role played by insurance brokers and agents in global commerce.

It represents more than 400,000 insurance brokers and agents from more than 100 national associations across the world. Find out more about its work here.