A note from Dallas Booth: Someone is using my name in vain

A note from National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) CEO, Dallas Booth: Yesterday a large number of people received an email purporting to come from me, asking for urgent help.  I am delighted and extremely grateful that so many made contact so quickly to see what the problem was.

The message did not come from me.  I am fine, and I do not need urgent help – I am grateful for that, too.

In fact the message came from an unknown email address, using a process whereby they can insert my name as the sender, and try to start a conversation with recipients.  I am not sure what the ultimate intention was – infiltration of computer systems or fraud or some other crazy outcome.

The key message is this:  there appears to be an increasing number of fraudulent users of names and email addresses, and attempts to hack into computer systems for illegal and destructive purposes.  Serious damage has been done in the insurance industry in recent times, and so far as I can see the risks have never been higher.

Perhaps it is time to review the safety and security of your computer systems, and to have them independently tested to ensure that they are as safe as they need to be.  It is also crucial that everyone using a computer is fully trained to look out for fraudulent messages, and knows how to deal with them.

And needless to say, a good cyber insurance program is also a must.

Excellent information is available on all of this at the Australian Cyber Security Centre website.