Airbnb to become legal in NSW?

In a Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning report released yesterday; MP Mark Coure states “Prohibiting short term rentals (like Airbnb) is a last resort”.

The report finds that short-term rental generates a relatively low level of complaints and that the recommendations contained in the report can deliver effective responses without stifling the growth of an industry which is delivering economic benefits.

212 people and organisations made submissions to the government inquiry and 48 people appeared as witnesses to find practical ways to address the situation.

The findings also stated “The Committee finds that landlords should hold insurance to cover short-term letting. Appropriate insurance cover can be purchased from Australian insurers and landlords must hold appropriate insurance cover to be compliant with the code”.

The report contains the following twelve recommendations to the NSW government for addressing the regulation of short-term rental accommodation in New South Wales:

  • amend planning laws to regulate short-term rental accommodation
  • allows home sharing, and letting a principal place of residence, as exempt development
  • allows empty houses to be let as exempt and complying development
  • investigate impacts on traditional accommodation operators
  • strengthen the Holiday and Short-Term Rental Code of Conduct
  • develop a compliance system
  • issue guidance and provides education for councils and the community
  • communicate with owners about their rights and obligations
  • amend strata laws and later reviews the effectiveness of changes
  • collect information on the industry.

NIBA CEO Dallas Booth said in response to the report “The Australian insurance broking community would welcome clarity around home-sharing legislation and look forward to ensure that clients are adequately protected”.