Allianz launches new marketing campaign

After many years of the famous ‘Ahhh…llianz’ campaign, Allianz Australia will launch a new brand campaign that focuses on not just being insured, but being inspired. The new direction will mark a big shift for the brand and the insurance category as a whole.

According to Sascha Hunt, Group Marketing Manager at Allianz Australia “We saw an opportunity to be different in a category that’s typically focused on the negative consequences. For us, it’s not about creating warnings around the bad that could occur. Instead we want to inspire the freedom that comes from being insured.”

Driving the emotional impact of the campaign is the hit track ‘Chase That Feeling’ from acclaimed Australian hip-hop group Hilltop Hoods. “The message and feeling of this campaign is very positive. It has been made to motivate Australians to get out there and live their lives, knowing that Allianz has got their backs” says Kylie Jones, Head of Creative Services,
Brand and Media at Allianz Australia. “‘Chase That Feeling’ captures this sentiment perfectly”.

The new Allianz campaign extends across the full product range and kicked off on the 26th of December 2016. It is being supported by YouTube pre-rolls, online banners, free-to-air and cable TV, radio, print, online and outdoor media.