An Australian becomes president of Irish Broker Association

Duncan Duke from Toowoomba, Queensland, has been appointed President of Brokers Ireland, the Irish national broker body with 1,250 member firms in the country.

Duke studied at University Qld Gatton College, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science and his first job was as a trainee agronomist for a large pastoral company in central NSW, rising to become a senior agronomist for a large 30,000 ac irrigated cotton farm.

At the age 25 the travel bug struck and he and a friend embarked on a European voyage of discovery with every intention of returning to his native Australia. “I thought I had done it all and felt it was time to travel as I had a degree and three years work experience,” he says.  “I would be a good candidate to obtain work on my return from travel.”

The last port of call on the two year trip was Dublin and it was close to there he met his future wife, Catherine. He began his career in insurance soon after with a broker support role.

His route to the Presidency of Brokers Ireland began when in 2015 he was invited to join the Financial Broker sub Committee on one of the two broker bodies that then existed and have since merged to form the one national association, Brokers Ireland.  Duke was one of those central to bringing about the successful merger.

He is very much looking forward to his new role and believes that brokering has a great future.

“As Brokers we have the capacity to infinitely improve the lives of people, enabling them plan their financial futures, enjoy the fruits of good planning and the psychological advantages and sense of wellbeing it brings,” Duke says.