ANZIIF Skills Unit Highlight: Analyse the insurance market

This unit provides the skills and knowledge required to effectively observe and assess the external insurance market, and the internal environment in order to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Analyse the insurance market: GE30003-15
5 weeks duration | 10 CIP points | AUD $375

This unit is for brokers who want to:

  • monitor, collect, analyse and understand information on the external insurance environment
  • monitor, collect, analyse and understand information on an organisation’s current situation (internal environment)
  • understand and complete a SWOT analysis
  • identify and determine the viability of new business opportunities
  • develop a business case report and / or presentation that summarises findings and presents recommendations to the appropriate stakeholders.

This unit meets the requirements of AQF competency FNSSAM502 ‘Asses market needs’ and is delivered via ANZIIF as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 3596).

To enrol or view other Skills Units, visit or call Jim Brooks, ANZIIF Business Development Manager on 02 9253 5110.

About ANZIIF Skills Units

In today’s ever-changing and competitive insurance landscape, it is essential for brokers to keep their skills and knowledge up to date through ongoing training and professional development — to keep their clients happy and their bottom line healthy.

ANZIIF’s new education model recognises that brokers are busy — clients need advice and sales have to be made — and they just don’t have the time to spend on traditional long-form education. Our new ANZIIF Skills Units are short and sharp, and they focus on specific skills that brokers need to grow their business.

To help brokers choose the education that best suits them, we’ll be highlighting units over the coming months here and in Broker Buzz.