ANZIIF Skills Units for brokers now online

ANZIIF’s first Skills Units for brokers are now available to enrol in online, offering a new style of learning to reflect the changing needs of brokers and brokerages.

Designed around job roles, skills-based, shorter and more flexible, the ANZIIF Skills Units have been designed for today’s modern broker. If you have been thinking about undertaking professional education, there are several compelling reasons to sign up.

  1. Competency-based so brokers can hit the ground running

The ANZIIF Skills Units for brokers are competency-based and designed around job roles. In practical terms, this means that when brokers undertake an ANZIIF Skills Unit, they learn from real-life case studies and they are assessed based on scenarios that happen in real broking businesses. This results in brokers who are more competent and confident and who can immediately apply what they learn.

  1. Decide which part of your job you want to develop

The units let brokers decide which part of their job they would like to develop. From improving technical broking abilities to taking your sales skills to the next level, the ANZIIF Skills Units mean that you only study what you want to or need to.

  1. Study a single unit or package them to achieve your broking qualification

Some brokers are interested in a single unit to hone a particular skill or area of knowledge, others are looking to achieve a qualification. The ANZIIF Skills Units caters to both. Each unit can be undertaken individually or can be packaged together with others to create a full qualification.

  1. Shorter, more concentrated education to cater to the modern broking professional

Brokers’ professional and personal lives are busier than ever. The Skills Units are designed  with this in mind and as a result, are shorter and more concentrated. Lasting for five to seven weeks, brokers benefit from shorter study periods with courses that are focused on one area. This ensures a more skilled broker with less of an investment of time.

  1. Developed with industry

The Skills Units have been developed with senior broking professionals from small, medium and large brokerages across Australia and New Zealand. This ensures that the units meet the needs of brokers and broking businesses, that content is based on real life case studies and that the delivery supports brokers to achieve great results in their roles.

ANZIIF is now taking enrolments for the ANZIIF Skills Units for brokers. Several units are currently available, with more coming online all the time. Visit the ANZIIF website for more information or call (03) 9613 7200.