ANZIIF Skills Unit highlight: Settle personal claims

This unit provides insurance brokers the skills and knowledge required to appropriately and efficiently settle a personal insurance claim such as a major loss or personal injury.

It covers identifying, analysing and resolving any issues with a client’s claim, and determining and finalising appropriate settlement options.

The unit is aimed at insurance claims professionals who work in small or large insurance businesses dealing with retail and/or commercial clients. It will develop the analytical, assessment and negotiation skills required to effectively settle a client’s personal claim in accordance with the terms and conditions of their personal insurance policy.

Settle personal claims CL30202-15
5 weeks | 10 CIP points | AUD $375

On completion of this unit, students will be able to effectively:
• determine the conditions of a client’s personal claim settlement in accordance with their policy
• negotiate and communicate with the client the terms and conditions of settlement
• develop and submit appropriate documentation to finalise the settlement
• identify and implement any required changes to the policy or claims procedures
• update applicable business reports and records.
This unit meets the requirements of AQF competency ‘FNSISV511 Settle non-routine and complex claims’ and is delivered via ANZIIF as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 3596).

To enrol or view other Skills Units, visit or call Mark Ryan, ANZIIF Sales Manager, on 03 9613 7284.

About ANZIIF Skills Units

In today’s ever-changing and competitive insurance landscape, the need for brokers to participate in ongoing education, training and professional development in order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date is essential to keeping clients happy and the bottom line healthy.

ANZIIF’s new education model recognises that brokers are busy and don’t have the time to spend on traditional long-form education when clients need advice and sales have to be made. The new ANZIIF Skills Units are short and sharp and focus on specific skills that brokers need to grow their business.

To help brokers choose the education that best suits them, we’ll be highlighting units over the coming months here and in Broker Buzz.