Australia’s first B2B sharing marketplace for under-utilised business assets – Mobilise – has been launched in association with Aon.

It is an offering from Collaborate Corporation Limited, the Australian operator of online peer-to-peer rental platforms DriveMyCar and MyCaravan.

Lambros Lambrou, CEO of Aon Risk Solutions, has highlighted the importance of insurance as the sharing economy continues to evolve.

“With our association with Collaborate, Aon has worked closely with the insurance market to create a new and innovative insurance proposition that protects owners’ interests in their assets and enhances the trust and functionality of the Mobilise platform.”

“Through Mobilise and together with our clients, we are embracing the opportunities the sharing economy has to offer, providing us with a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Mobilise is the first platform offering exclusively business to business hiring, with equipment available for building, construction, events, farming, and more. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace which enables businesses to safely and efficiently hire out their idle equipment to businesses and individual that are seeking temporary access to a wide range of items.

Rob Rattray, General Manager of Mobilise, said: “Every day, billions of dollars’ worth of assets, from tools, to furniture, cleaning materials and even space, remain under-utilised. Owners must choose between either incurring the ongoing cost of ownership, or selling the assets, potentially for a loss.

“Rather than buying new assets, Mobilise is unlocking the power of the sharing economy by allowing businesses to access items at an affordable price on an as-needed basis. Simultaneously, we’re giving businesses the opportunity to make money from their assets, which would otherwise be sitting idle and depreciating in value.”

Chris Noone, CEO of Collaborate Corporation, added: “We are very excited to deliver the first viable online platform capable of unlocking the enormous latent potential of under-utilised assets. Through Mobilise we anticipate unlocking opportunities that can increase productivity and deliver growth to businesses and the economy as a whole.”

The online marketplace will initially focus on the building and construction industries, due to the strong supply and demand drivers in this market, and will further expand to include additional categories in 2018. You can read the previous article on IRP about Mobilise here.