AR network announces leadership structure

IAG’s National Advisor Services (NAS) and Westcourt General Insurance Brokers (WGIB) merged last year and have announced major appointments this week.

Jenette Baker, previously General Manager – Operations, has been appointed to the role of Head of Risk & Compliance, Donna Tingley has been appointed to the role of Financial Operations Manager (previously she was Group Accountant for WGIB), Greg Dowd has been confirmed as the Chief Financial Officer for the network, having joined the NAS network as CFO two years ago and Claire Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, has accepted a voluntary redundancy and has finished up with the business as of last week.

Managing Director Paul Ayton said while announcing the new leadership structure, “We’ve laid the foundations of our combined businesses with the shared purpose of supporting communities so they can grow, sustain and thrive. This is a purpose that is common to all parts of our network and is already serving to strongly connect people. We’ve worked to preserve and promote the strength of both organisations”.

Ayton noted his gratitude for Robinson’s contribution to the business, “we certainly thank Claire and wish her all the best.”

“We’ve made a commitment to our network and customers that we will continue to grow and develop as the best in the country, not just the biggest. We’re focussed on ensuring the hundreds of communities around Australia get the best advice and service and at the same time, leveraging our scale to be the most efficient organisation for our business partners,” Ayton said.

Growth continues for the new business, as they also welcome a large percentage of the CGU AR network into the fold as part of IAG’s efforts to reduce the number of insurance licences in the group.