Nick B smallEveryone in insurance has got a story to tell about how they found their way into the industry. Nicholas Bedggood of Citadel Insurance Services, an AR of Westcourt General, shares his insurance journey.

I’m a relative newcomer to insurance broking, starting out in my current role in May 2014. My background was in the marine industry, selling and managing yachts. But selling yachts became a whole lot harder when the GFC kicked in.

I used to have the odd beer with an insurance broker and it struck me how busy he was and how much he enjoyed it. That gave me a moment of clarity. Everyone needs insurance, not everyone needs a boat! It was the defining moment in my life: I decided to pursue a career in insurance broking at the age of 43.

When I was in my 20s, insurance didn’t even hit my radar. I was only interested in racing yachts. But I think if I’d come across insurance earlier I wouldn’t have the mindset I have now, so it probably would have been a lost opportunity for me. I can really appreciate what insurance has to offer now.

What I most enjoy is that every day is different in general insurance broking. While I have many marine risks based on my background, the rest of my book is extremely diverse and this gives me the opportunity to learn about a myriad of different insurance products for potential clients.

Selling yachts became a whole lot harder when the GFC kicked in.

It’s not without its challenges, of course. I’m currently in the middle of completing my Diploma of Insurance Broking and trying to fit that around my day-to-day broking duties and my family life. I have a three-year-old daughter, and another on the way in June, but I’m really enjoying the challenge and finding it very motivating.

I’m proud to work in insurance and looking forward to a long career. A lot of people say they fell into insurance, but I’d recommend it as a career to anyone. The rewards are there for hard work and the people across the industry are amazing.

The support and encouragement from everyone I’ve met throughout the industry has blown me away. I jump out of bed to go to work now!

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