ASIC reports on corporate finance regulation

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has published its latest report on corporate finance regulation issues in Australia for the period July to December 2017.

The report provides companies and their advisers with insights about ASIC’s regulatory approach in the corporate finance sector to help them carry out their legal and compliance obligations. It also demonstrates how ASIC facilitates business transactions in Australia while maintaining legal protections and safeguards for the investing community.

It provides statistical data, highlights key focus areas, and includes relevant guidance about ASIC’s regulation of:

  • fundraising transactions
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • corporate governance issues
  • related party transactions
  • financial reporting.

It details the approach ASIC takes in these areas, including the types of issues that have caused us to intervene and our response to novel issues seen in transactions during the period. The report also provides an overview of ASIC’s current policy initiatives in this space.

This eighth report sets out information on the corporate regulator’s ongoing engagement with Independent Experts, and an update on the implementation of the industry funding model for ASIC. It also provides information on the new regime for crowd-sourced funding by public companies and highlights our regulatory initiatives regarding emerging market issuers and our reflections on the 2017 AGM Season.

Download REP 567.