Australian insurance brokers are the finest in the world

Australian insurance brokers are among the finest in the world says NIBA Broker of the Year 2016, Dale Hansen of Austbrokers Coast to Coast.

He says, “Having spoken to professionals in Canada and New York as well as London where I go a couple of times a year, I am constantly told that some of the finest brokerages and work in risk management in the world comes from Australia.”

Hansen explains that at Lloyd’s, Australis is the fifth or sixth largest largest country in terms of placements, punching well above its weight.

“There is no question at all that some of the best people in our industry globally are here. We are ethical, moral, work really hard and face some of the worst natural catastrophes regularly. This is a difficult job and all of us give it our all, we are out there every minute of every day. The quality of our work is recognised overseas.”

That is why he believes that Australian brokers have the skills to place business anywhere in the world and are well-placed to go into emerging economies in Asia as well as expand overseas into the developed world.

Hansen is of the opinion that technology is both, a broker’s friend as well as enemy and it just depends on how the industry harnesses its power, “The world is our oyster. There is still very much a role and a place for good old-fashioned customer service and relationships, and it’s very hard to have a relationship with somebody when you’re only dealing in the IT space.”

“Combining the power of technology to take our skills to the world will ensure a bright future for intermediaries in Australia,” he adds.