Award named after insurance broker

In recognition of the incredible philanthropic work and contributions of Perth-based broker, Kim Gilbert from Zenith Insurance, a new award called, The Gilbert |White Spirit of the Ride Award, has been created by Solaris Cancer Care.

Gilbert, who is also the 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year, is the c0-founder and one of the leaders of the Red Sky Ride, WA’s toughest cycling event that sees ordinary people, go to extraordinary lengths to support families living with cancer.

He says, “The award being named as such is in recognition of our support and dedication in creating and fostering the spirit of the ride over the past eleven years.”

Gilbert believes that being an insurance broking professional places him in an extremely important position in our community as intermediaries provide clients with advice regarding protection against all manner of adverse impacts and outcomes.

He says, “As broking professionals our interactions are not only with clients, but also community service providers. These bring a heightened awareness and understanding of people that are impacted by health issues, particularly cancer, given the significant increase in the number of Australians affected by it in recent times.”

As a result of that increased awareness, Gilbert believes that it is his responsibility as professional and a member of our community to support services providers such as Solaris Cancer Care, to ensure that they are able to continue to provide the essential services that they do with limited or no Government funding.

He says “It is also important to me as an employer that the team at Zenith understand the importance of supporting those in our community that need it most, not only from a financial point of view but also an awareness point of view so that we have an inclusive society that enables all members of the community to enjoy their lives to the fullest extent.”

Gilbert’s niece passed after battling a very rare, aggressive form of cancer and it was then that he became aware of Solaris Cancer Care. His initial agreement with the care provider was to raise $1,000,000 over five years by organising a charity bike ride through the south west of Western Australia with the first ride in 2008 in memory of his niece, Carys Gilbert. Over the eleven years Gilbert helped raise approximately $3,500,000 and the 2019 ride has raised another $300,000.

The Red Sky Ride has enabled Solaris Cancer Care to grow from a small centre to a dedicated service to improve the quality of life for those individuals travelling down the cancer journey and their families.

Gilbert says, “Coming from the country it was important to me that our fundraising activities also went towards establishing rural centres so that people undergoing treatment for cancer did not have to travel long distances to access their services.”