Back injuries take their toll in financial services sector

Long hours in office chairs can take their toll, with a report finding back pain is a major cause of workplace injuries for those in the insurance industry.

Research by organisational health group Konekt has shown that back injuries are the cause of almost one in five referrals from employees in the financial services sector.

The good news, however, is that those in this industry are likely to be referred for treatment quicker than those in any other industry, although there is still an average delay of 40 weeks between pain starting and treatment being sought.

The report also found that SMEs were being hit harder than their large counterparts by the ramifications of workplace injuries.

Konekt Product Manager Nicholas Ward says smaller businesses tend to wait longer before referring injured employees to a service provider.

“We found that the return to work rate for small business is 85%, compared with 90% for large businesses,” he says.

“Smaller businesses are less likely to have internal expertise in relation to injury management [and] will be more reliant on external providers.”