Bill to increase compensation for dependants passes WA Parliament

The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Bill has passed the WA Legislative Council, which will increase lump sum payments for dependants of those injured at work, including de facto partners who will receive the same access to compensation as married spouses.

WA Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston said: “I’m very pleased this new Bill will ensure dependants receive fair and accessible compensation. The previous workers’ compensation legislation was unfair and very complicated. Fatal work accidents have a tragic and significant impact on family members, especially for those who are financially dependent on a loved one that dies at work.”

The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Amendment Bill 2017 significantly increases the lump sum payable to dependants and more than doubles the child’s allowance payable to each dependent child.

This lump sum will increase from $308,339 to $570,767, indexed annually from July 1, and is two and a half times the maximum compensation payable for a
non-fatal injury.

The child’s allowance will increase from $58.90 a week to $135 a week, indexed annually from July 1. As children will also receive a portion of the lump sum, the Bill gives far greater financial support for the care and maintenance of children than ever before.

Other changes will see de facto partners of workers given the same access to compensation as married spouses. The new laws are anticipated to come into operation
on July 1, 2018.