Brian Freeman on adventure and adversity

Arguably Australia’s greatest ever adventurer, Brian Freeman delivered a powerful closing plenary, yesterday in Hobart.

Brian Freeman’s address was an inspiring close to the 2018 NIBA Convention. He shared insightful stories of trials, tribulations and triumphs, and empowered his audience to overcome, what can seem like, impossible challenges.

Freeman shared the story of how he came to break the Kokoda track record by more than three hours: “Everyone will tell you what you can’t do. The only reason they tell you what you can’t do, is because they can’t.”

However, despite achieving the record, Freeman faced a number of obstacles, which made it seem nearly impossible.

From this experience, Freeman said he learnt that it’s good to have a plan, but you also need to be completely flexible.

“You can’t control what you can’t control, keep end state in mind, and do what it takes,” he told delegates.

The adventurer also told the story of both an unsuccessful and a successful attempt at reaching the summit of Mount Everest where he laid 41 poppies in honour of fallen soldiers.

Again, Freeman was challenged by adverse conditions including a chest infection, an earthquake, a subsequent avalanche and frostbite.
On what he gets out of each experience, Freeman said: “I firstly get reality, and I get clarity. Clarity of thought to go back and make a plan for what’s next.”