Brisbane hail storm aftermath

A year on from the largest hail storm Brisbane has experienced in three decade, a single insurer has detailed its losses at $343 million.

Suncorp received more than 33,500 claims, with a record-breaking 10,000 claims lodged on the first day after the Brisbane hail storm, which took only half an hour to cross the district.

To date, 90% of lodged claims have been completed, with approximately one third pertaining to damaged homes, and two thirds pertaining to damaged motor vehicles.

Suncorp Insurance spokesperson Melissa Cronin says: “In the 24 hours immediately after the event, more than 10,000 motor claims were lodged – and within three weeks we had assessed more than 17,400 hail damaged vehicles.”

“We also had our repairers complete more than 3,000 home ‘make safes’ in the immediate aftermath.”

Cronin says Suncorp has been working to service claims all year and has continued to receive new claims throughout.

“The true spirit of Brisbane shone through in the immediate aftermath of the event, with a large number of our customers who had relatively minor damage putting their neighbours and others who were more heavily impacted first by holding off on making a claim,” she says.

“We’ve continued to receive claims from this event as recently as last month.”

Cronin says that Suncorp encourages Brisbane residents to prepare ahead of the oncoming storm season by double-checking their insurance to ensure they are properly covered.