Broker casts wider net with partnership

Andrew Faber

MGA has upped the ante on its long-standing alliance with Bell Partners, launching a joint venture with the accountancy firm.

To be known as Bell Partners Insurance, the initiative is part of a move to turn Bell into a one-stop shop for financial services.

Headed by its high-profile founder Anthony Bell, the firm already offers accountancy, financial planning, mortgage broking, legal, digital and communications services.

MGA Insurance Account Director Andrew Faber says it is an exciting opportunity to partner with a reputable brand.

“What we’re trying to achieve with them is create a new distribution channel, opening up access to many new clients,” he says.

“We’ve been working closely with Bell Partners for two years and we’ve had a lot of success in picking up some sizable accounts.

“We’re keen to leverage off the brand power they have in the market. They’ve got very strong relationships with their clients and that, along with our client-driven service offering, is a great recipe for business growth.”

Bell says it is a natural progression.

“Most of the information that the insurance arm needs to make their assessment of risk exposure is sitting inside this company, so it is an efficient process,” he says.

“Accounting is changing. What used to be the core products and what will be the future are very different. The pace of business is completely shifting. Clients want the best services and products possible but they don’t wantto waste time running all over town to achieve it.”