Brokers colour and then shave hair for charity

John G Duncan and John Davaine both Directors at JMD Ross Insurance Brokers’ in Sydney coloured and then lost their locks at a charity fundraiser.

The pair agreed initially to dye their hair – John Duncan spent a week as a blonde and John Davaine a few days “in the pink” – but both then lost the lot in the brokerage’s annual fundraiser for the Exodus Foundation. The event was attended by about 70 JMD Ross team members and underwriters, who enjoyed two hours of fun, food and drinks.

Their efforts raised almost $11,000 for the foundation, which provides food, primary healthcare and crisis support to Sydney’s homeless and marginalised.

Duncan says, “Our philanthropy efforts are two fold including our volunteering at the Exodus Foundation and our fundraising activities for them. We choose to support this particular charity as they provide a number of services to the needy including providing meals as well as counselling services, do not receive any government funding and rely purely on donations.”

On asked if blondes really do have more fun, Duncan replied, “I really enjoyed going blonde just to witness people’s reactions, especially clients. It was odd how so many people response was that I should keep it and they expressed disappointment when it was all shaved off.”

Exodus, Fundraising Manager, Steve Clarke said: “It was wonderful to meet so many JMD Ross employees and guests and have the chance to thank so many people in person for their support. The money raised will help us feed and support Sydney’s needy as soon as tomorrow.”