Stacey Lloyd, Principal – Risk Management at Marsh and 2017 NIBA QLD Young Professional Broker of the Year believes that insurance broking is more suited to flexibility than many other professions.

A young mother who has recently returned to work, she says that the profession is definitely good at recognising an employee’s value based on their performance and is more accepting of career sabbaticals.

The Diversity Council of Australia’s (DCA) research, Myth Busting Flexibility states, “The future of work demands flexibility in the way individuals, teams, and organisations work. Yet many Australian organisations have struggled to respond to this challenge – workplace flexibility is yet
to be standard business practice in most workplaces.”

The Australian National Employment Standard in the Fair Work Act 2009 (the NES) that applies to all employees covered by the national workplace relations system and includes a right for certain employees to request flexible working arrangements from their employer.

Lloyd says, “I was lucky enough to take nine months off recently and my company was more than happy for me to do so. They were able to work out suitable alternative arrangements whilst I was out of the office and facilitated a really easy transition back into the workplace.”

There is however a caveat she says, “I think with extended periods of leave is movement in the marketplace. So much changed in the relatively short time that I was away but my colleagues were really good about keeping me informed throughout my leave and afterwards to ensure I wasn’t behind.”

DCA’s research report, Get Flexible: Mainstreaming Flexible Work in Australian Business states: “Mainstreaming flexible work and careers is a business imperative that will result in improved organisational, individual and community outcomes.”

Broking is a hands-on profession and attaining a healthy work-life balance can be particularly difficult for client-focussed intermediaries and certain options like part-time employment don’t really lends themselves to Lloyd’s role and client base but she says, “I do have the flexibility to choose hours depending on my clients’ requirements.

“I also have the option of working from home, the office or even in another office if needs be. I think so long as your clients’ needs are being met and you can be adaptable to them, there is every possibility that the role can adapt to your needs too.”

Overall, she is certain that broking is a great career choice for those looking for something to challenge them, “The range of opportunities that are presented to you are amazing.”

“There are so many possibilities for specialisation in different products, clients and industries and there are so many opportunities for new roles throughout your career, be it a sideways move or a step up.”