Build the love and increase sales

So, you think you’re pretty insurance savvy, right?  You know your stuff and have spent years acquiring skills and experience.

Additionally, you know your product inside out, back to front.  For some reason though, you just can’t seem to hit your sales targets and don’t understand what’s going wrong………

Well, maybe you need to give some thought around relationship marketing – a process whereby sales are increased via the relationships you have created with others.

At a time when competition for clients is intensifying and profits are shrinking, building effective alliances has never been more vital. Successful insurance professionals realise that their results are achieved due to a willingness to adapt to their clients.

In other words, they individualise their approach to each client interaction and build unique connections. They research, ask questions and observe to gain insight.  They appreciate that clients are not driven or motivated by the same things. We know that today’s clients are seeking insurance professionals who are able to provide them with the right solution and respond to their needs.

So, how do relationships influence the sales process?

Research reveals that clients are most likely to buy from you when they have reached moderate to high trust levels – when rapport and credibility have been firmly established. Reaching this level takes time, commitment and demonstrated consistency through your actions. Essentially, doing what you say you will do.

Each touch-point you have with clients, no matter how small, contributes to solidifying and cementing the relationship. Finding ways to make your clients feel valued and important is essential to a solid foundation and future business success.

Think about how you or your team currently interact with your clients. What tools do you presently have in place? How regularly do you touch base? Could you try something different or learn new strategies to nurture these alliances?

Remember, once you have built solid relationships those alliances instinctively want you to succeed and are more than happy to refer or recommend you to others. Additionally, some clients are willing to pay more for a product or service if they feel they have a personal connection in place. The decision to focus your energy on a relationship with your client is an unlimited method to capturing new opportunities but importantly, ensuring you hit those targets.

This piece has been written by Nikki Heald of Corptraining. She is passionate about providing professionals with the skills to build a strong personal brand that will maximise their career progression and opportunities. Catch Heald from 12:10pm at the NIBA 2019 Concurrent Sessions on October 15 at The Star Event Centre, Gold Coast. Register now for the event before the super early bird registrations close.