Communication Is Key: A NIBA CPD accredited program

Like many others, the insurance services sector has not escaped the current challenges of industry-wide change. Automation, new technology, the flooded competitor market and new business models have disrupted the traditional landscape. In this age of technology, with the many communication methods available to us, what gives you the edge?

A back to basics approach with a fresh focus on workplace learning and development has arisen and the demand for effective soft skills such as influential communication continues to grow.

The Colin James Method® is a specialist communication training provider whose online Mastering Communication Program is now accredited with the NIBA for 12 valuable CPD points.

How can professional communication training help you?

1. Learn to clearly articulate your message for the best customer outcomes

While you may be a technical expert in your field, the fact is that most people don’t really have a grasp on the insurance industry and don’t always understand the information you may be providing. Many brokers fall into the habit of throwing around technical jargon, or ‘insurance speak’ without considering that their customers may not fully understand. This communication gap can result in misunderstandings, discrepancies and dissatisfied customers.

The right communication training provides you with the confidence to clearly articulate your message, ask the right questions and ensure you are on the same page to deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers. With the emphasis on providing a positive customer experience in order to stand out from competitors, professional communication training will teach you how to clearly structure your conversations, influence the decision makers, achieve the best results for your customers plus reward you with 12 of the required CPD points you need.

2. Enhance your ability to engage with clients and colleagues

Customers may not always jump at the opportunity to learn about insurance, however it is an important safety net and a topic worth knowing. Your ability to express key messages in a way customers can clearly understand is key to customer satisfaction. This skill is what will separate you from your competitors by providing an experience that is more enjoyable, memorable and delivers the best possible outcomes.

Not sure you have to time?

Our flexible online learning format allows you to learn at your own pace, providing instant access to our full suite of learning material, including over 30 video modules, which can be completed over a 12-month period.

Register today for The Colin James Method® Mastering Communication online program; now officially CPD accredited for 12 points by the NIBA. Register today.