Community Broker Network comes to life

The ‘community broker network’ is the new trading name of the former NAS/Westcourt General and CGU AR networks consisting of approximately 400 authorised broker businesses across Australia.

The network came together for the first time under its new moniker at its inaugural conference at the Doubletree in Darwin last week.

“We have the opportunity to be a truly purpose-led and customer-guided network. The energy at the conference was absolutely electric – businesses rarely get the chance to start out with the strong foundations and aligned leadership that we have,” said Managing Director Paul Ayton.

“Investing this time in our authorised brokers, to better understand their clients and communities, is invaluable. As is involving our strategic partners as we bring the ‘community broker network’ to life.”

“Together we are confident we can create a sustainable way of doing business that is responsible, accountable and creates benefits for all stakeholders.”

Richard Crawford General Manager Distribution highlights the network as quite unique within the insurance industry, .

“Many organisations would focus on providing holistic risk advice to clients. While we agree that this is part of our responsibility, what makes Community Broker Network different is that we put the relationship between clients and authorised brokers first,” said Crawford.

“We’ve identified our ability to maintain that relationship at scale as one of our pillars, our guiding principles. And that means that we’ve made a commitment to our partners and customers that we will continue to grow and develop with a view of becoming not just the biggest network in the country, but the best.”