Long trek for a good cause

More than $50,000 has been raised for the charity Youngcare through four Suncorp employees who took part in the charity’s Simpson Desert Challenge.

The trek was held between 6-15 May and covered 300km of remote desert in central Australia.

The challenge was designed to expose participants to the isolation and discomfort experienced by young Australians forced to live in aged-care facilities.

Executive Portfolio Manager for Suncorp Commercial Insurance Daniel Wilkinson shares his experience, reiterating how challenging the trek proved to be. “It was extremely tough – both physically and mentally,” Wilkinson says.

“There was very little choice. I found that not having the freedom to make everyday decisions really wore me down.”

Executive Portfolio Manager for Suncorp Commercial Insurance Paul Lawton says that the cause really helped him through the trek.

“Hearing about how people’s lives have been transformed when they were supported to move out of an aged-care home was really quite inspirational,” Lawton says.

“Having a clear understanding of why we were there provided the motivation we needed to get through to the end.”

Business Insurance Specialist Terry Phillis and CTP Contact Centre Manager Scott Younes complete the group of four Suncorp participants. The company hopes to raise $250,000 through further sponsored events.

Suncorp has been a founding partner of Youngcare for the past nine years.