Community schemes – new to Western Australia in 2021

A new form of land tenure is coming soon to WA, with the introduction of community schemes expected in 2021. Community schemes will provide an important new option in the State for the subdivision of land and creation of mixed-use developments.

They will be introduced to Western Australia through the Community Titles Act 2018 (CTA), which was passed by the WA Parliament in November 2018.

As community titles are a new form of land tenure, they will be of greatest interest to property industry professionals. Landgate and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage are working on the regulations to support the CTA. The proposed regulations will be made available for public consultation in the coming months, before being finalised and delivered to parliament.

To learn more about community schemes please click here to visit the WA’s strata reform website.

Updates include:

·        Introducing community titles

·        Timeline for introduction

·        Creating a scheme

·        Managing a scheme

·        Buying and selling a lot

·        Industry and community engagement

·        Support and resources