Community Underwriting has announced the completion of its 7th Small Grants Program finalized at the end of 2020.

Community Underwriting allocates five percent of their annual surplus to clients that renewed their insurances with the company. Their insurer partners Berkley Insurance Australia and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company provide additional contributions which enable the underwriter to respond to a greater number of worthy projects each year.

This year they have assisted 35 terrific projects across a diverse range of initiatives including:

 Providing unemployed African youth with motivation, ideas, and tools to attack the obstacles to becoming employed and to support them through the employment process.
 Pairing adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities and/or autism with a volunteer who shares similar interests, so that they can attend events together and form a friendship.
 Building a wildlife corridor which connects existing koala habitat with endangered lowland rainforest to enhance, preserve and conserve habitat for threatened species and ecological communities.
 A workshop for volunteers to complete nest boxes which are to be placed in mature trees to replace lost hollows destroyed in the 2019/20 South Coast bushfires.
 COVID care packages for families in rural Nepal caring for children with HIV.
 2021 return to school packages for up to 50 disadvantaged families in Dalby QLD increasing the likelihood of increased school attendance.
 Foster carer packs for volunteers that look after adopted animals for a Dachshunds Rescue organisation.
 Supporting young people with Downs Syndrome to develop friendships through regular online social group meetings, enabling clients that often struggle to maintain friendships as they develop as teenagers.
 Swimming lessons for up to 20 families that experience financial hardship in their local rural environment.
 A mobile library service in Cambodia which provides access to vital learning materials but also encourages senior students to act as tutors and mentors.
 Assisting financially disadvantaged women to become work ready, obtain employment and develop long term career, financial and life plans.
 Conversion of a donated tram into a hospitality training facility café for people with disabilities.
 Upgrading the facilities of a parents and citizens breakfast club which provides a free morning meal for students taking pressure off parents and carers struggling to put food on the table.
 Replacement of art equipment for a social art group including members that are wheelchair bound or recovering from stroke or heart attack that have been unable to contribute to normal activities.
 The collection of living fragments of coral that become naturally detached from coral colonies and reintroduce them back into the reef to accelerate the natural process of recovery from the physical damage and stress caused by wave action, storms and increased
water temperature.
 A free Movie under the Stars project in regional NSW to try and get normality into peoples live in a COVID‐19 safe environment.
 The provision of branded high‐vis vests and vehicle signage designed to improve the safety of wildlife rescue volunteers, particularly at night and predawn.
 The installation of converted shipping containers to provide crisis accommodation for homeless veterans and their family members in a farm setting which allows ongoing rehabilitation and education.