Couple jailed after insurance scam

A couple who blew up their investment property in Adelaide to claim insurance money, causing an explosion have been sentenced to six years in jail.

Krzysztof and Sarah Kuchar were found guilty of arson at a District Court trial last year.

The court heard they devised the joint plan to burn down the Holden Hill rental property on October 23, 2011, after having problems with tenants.

They were ordered to serve a non-parole period of two-and-a-half years and Sarah Kuchar was granted home detention to care for their three young children.

The District Court heard that when Krzysztof Kuchar ignited the petrol he had poured throughout the property, the whole house unexpectedly exploded rather than just catching fire and the blast was powerful enough to damage neighbouring properties

Judge Muscat found that even though Kuchar — a former high school physics teacher — did not anticipate for the outcome to be so catastrophic, the amount of petrol involved indicated he intended to cause significant damage to the house.

The court also heard the couple, who lived about an hour’s drive from the Holden Hill house, had recently increased the insurance coverage on the property.

Judge Muscat said they were each remorseless for their crimes and intended to appeal their convictions.