COVID-19 worksite guidelines released

Builders and tradespeople engaged in repairs and rebuilding will continue their work under current COVID-19 essential services rules through new measures that protect workers and property owners.

Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has welcomed these measures and their head of communications, Campbell Fuller said: “Builders and contractors who are working for insurers are able to perform their professional tasks under the current COVID-19 rules by observing nine HIA-developed guidelines.

“These guidelines are supported by the insurance industry, and most insurers are making them a requirement of any insurance work. They require good communication with the property owner and all workers, along with constant awareness and vigilance.

“Observing these guidelines will ensure insurers and their contractors can continue to help the community where buildings are damaged and repairs are required.

“This is especially important in hundreds of communities that have felt the impact of bushfires, hailstorms, floods and storms during the 2019-2020 Angry Summer of natural disasters, which have resulted in more than $4.6 billion in claims.”

The nine guidelines are:

  • Applying social distancing measures on worksites
  • Meeting government self-isolation rules on and off worksites
  • Keeping the property owner informed of all CVOVID-19 prevention measures including site management plans
  • Isolating construction areas from non-building areas
  • Managing project schedules to reduce the number of trades on site at the same time
  • Ensuring workers have access to appropriate personal protection equipment
  • Ensuring workers have access to appropriate hygiene and safety facilities
  • Encouraging contactless payments and deliveries, and travelling off peak
  • Organising site inductions and updates on the latest government requirements

The full HIA guidelines are available on their website. Master Builders Association has also made some guidelines available, that you can access here.