Deadline approaching for acclaimed program

All brokers, insurers and young professionals are invited to empower themselves by participating in NIBA’s acclaimed mentoring program.

Registration for NIBA’s mentoring program is drawing to a close and NIBA are seeking both mentors and mentees to support the program.

The 12-week program pairs young professionals with experienced industry figures in order to give them and insight and a helping hand in their career.

Weekly meetings are encouraged along with multiple workshops and a final presentation for the mentees.

Although the overall goal of the program is to help a YP develop his or her professional abilities and overcome difficulties, the individual goals can be tailored to each YP.

The cut-off date to apply is 18 July for Vic, NSW and SA, and 25 July for QLD.

Anyone taking part will earn four CPD points.

Mentors can apply here.

Mentees can apply here.