Dive In to look beyond the obvious

The Dive In festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance has been highlighting the business case for workplaces to be more welcoming, celebrate differences and bring about positive change.

As part of this year’s global festival, 16 events will be hosted across Australia and New Zealand. The events will tie in with the festival’s global theme ‘Inclusion Impact’, and will be hosted between 24 and 26 September 2019.

NIBA WA Committee Member, Louise Clarke from Marsh believes that the Dive In Festival represents an industry coming together to push the boundaries and explore new ideas and that this festival will create real change and will continually prompt organisations to act and evolve.

Gallagher’s Jackii Howe stresses that the insurance industry needs to be recognised as a leader in this space to ensure we attract and retain the best talent that reflects our ever-changing cultural environment.

She says, “As a people leader in the insurance industry, I feel it’s important to embrace inclusion and diversity. The Brisbane session celebrates the First Australians and our community, going back to the age old tradition of the great Australian yarn.  Our industry is about story- telling and building relationships through the art of conversation and this session will showcase these integral attributes.”

Festival sessions in Australia include a series of events in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Clarke, one of the organisers of the WA sessions says, “Perth Dive In Festival is celebrating its third year, each year we delve deeper into topics not explored before within the local insurance market. I personally chose to invest myself behind the Dive In Festival because I truly believe we, as an industry, have so much room to grow. This year we are focused on action and have carefully selected our key note speakers to help encourage and inspire our audience.

“We will also finally explore why the insurance industry doesn’t explore alternative options by employing individuals with a disability into their workforce. Through my involvement with organising this event,  I have found it staggering  with the amount of organisations who support people with disabilities however do not elect to employ anyone with a disability into their workforce. We will hear stories and practical initiatives regarding how an organisation can begin its journey into employing staff of all abilities.”

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