Family brokerage hits major milestone

A NSW brokerage is celebrating its 35th anniversary this month but has its sights set firmly on the future.

Whitbread Insurance Brokers Managing Director Angela Whitbread says the company is looking ahead at how to best embrace the digital space.

The key, she says, is linking their insurance expertise with a generation accustomed to life on the internet without forgoing a personalised customer service approach.


“We recognise that the buying needs of online insurance customers is different. They want more information and better products at a lower cost,” Whitbread says.

“We’re working to develop our value proposition for the online environment to ensure we’re continuing to meet customer needs.”

Since the death of company founder John Whitbread, siblings Angela, John Paul and Claire have united to manage the business.

“It’s one in, all in with us,” Angela Whitbread says.

“That’s a really big achievement in family business and I think our parents would be so proud.”