Funeral cover cons targeted

A campaign targeted at heightening awareness of funeral insurance scams within Australian Indigenous communities has been launched through the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy (NICS) Reference Group.

ASIC has joined with ACCC to launch Avoid a funeral rip-off, a national campaign to stop deceptive conduct through educating Indigenous consumers about funeral insurance.

ASIC Deputy Chairman Peter Kell says that ASIC is committed to monitoring funeral insurance providers to ensure that misleading and deceptive conduct is identified.

“We recognise that planning for a funeral can be a difficult process,” Kell says.

“The main aim of this campaign is to provide Indigenous consumers with the knowledge they need to make an informed choice if they’re thinking about purchasing a funeral savings or insurance plan.”

“ASIC, along with other NICS agencies, hopes that this campaign will provide Indigenous consumers with the information that will enable them to choose a funeral product that is the most affordable, appropriate and suitable to their situation,” Kell adds.

Compliance officers from Australia’s consumer protection agencies will be assessing contracts for various funeral products and checking claims made in promotions.