Future of farming and the role of brokers

A recent NIBA seminar on Drone Technology and the Future of Farming held at the CGU Ballarat office offered brokers an insight into the issues surrounding the ever changing landscape of farming, and the emergence of drone technologies.

With presentations from industry experts including Kent Hannam, Manager of Rural Broker Business at CGU and Aaron Donaldson, General Manager, Allsure Insurance the seminar focussed on the need to change the advice model for rural clients and the changing needs of the farming industry in general.

“The future of farming session was extremely well done and now makes us all aware of what is ahead of us in the future of farming, I think it is great that CGU are showing such interest in the future insurance needs of the new generation farmer and how those farms will become much more productive with the use of the latest technology so they can supply not just Australia but the rest of the world with quantity and quality food” said Trevor Madden, Principal Broker, Ballarat, Arthur J Gallagher.

With new technology and equipment as well as the rising demand for product from a rapidly increasing world population, insurance and the advice provided by brokers in the past won’t necessarily suit the changing needs of the farmers of the future.

“The presentation was excellent with large and small  drones on display and a full knowledge of how they fly and what they are now able to do to assist all aspects of industry is quite amazing, informing us of current user regulations and also what dangers they can cause in the event of battery explosions whilst in transit was of great interest to all who attended.”

“I gained a good grip on what we need to look for and the questions we need to ask to prepare both brokers and underwriters of the risks and threats there may be with all this amazing and exciting new equipment.”

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