Gallagher wine and cheese event breaks fundraising records

Previous fundraising records for YWCA Australia were broken when Gallagher hosted members of the insurance industry at the 2018 Gallagher Wine and Cheese event  – and guests came to the party in a big way.

The broking company has hosted this event for the past 13 years and raised close to $300,000 for YWCA’s charitable community programs. This year’s YWCA beneficiary is the Pathways to Independence program which assists women over 50 years of age who are at risk of becoming homeless. Many such women are fleeing domestic and family violence.

YWCA Australia’s Regional Manager, Metro Sydney, Lorenzo Woodford says, “I would like to thank Gallagher for its support. There is a distinct lack of services available for homeless women over 50 in Australia and this is something YWCA Australia is looking at changing.”

Gretchen Ciapura, Executive – Specialty, Marketing and Client Relationships, says that ongoing Gallagher support for YWCA programs meshes with the company’s values and is an important part of community focused Blueprint for Better activities.

“I’m honoured to have run this event for the past few years and for the opportunity to be involved in this amazing partnership,” she says. “I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of a company that supports an initiative such as this: a great night, with great people, for a great cause. We are very passionate about highlighting the important work that YWCA does in our communities and any contribution we are able to make to make a difference ourselves to this important issue in our society.”

The money raised from the Wine and Cheese Evening, together with funds generated from YWCA’s Breaking the Cycle, will ensure the Pathways to Independence program continues in 2019, providing temporary housing, referrals to legal services and medical services and intensive care where necessary. Women over 50 represent the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia and currently there are no government initiatives to assist them. The YWCA program provides advocacy and support in negotiating access to the subsidised housing system.

Gallagher Benefit Services, part of the Gallagher Group of Companies, also contributed to the event by donating financial planning assistance to the cause, in alignment with their vision to empower more women financially, as well as expanding female presence within their sector.

If you’d like to contribute, you can still make a pledge online here or contact Gretchen Ciapura on 0447 085 007 to discuss how to get involved.