Have you spoken to your clients about travel insurance

Destructive hurricanes in the Americas, dangerous volcano in Bali, terrorist attacks in Europe there is a lot that could go wrong with your clients’ travel plans.

As seasoned travellers, your most important clients might think they’ve planned for everything if they’ve checked in for their flight, booked hotels, got the right currency, they think all that is left to do is go through their presentation one last time on the plane.

But you know that they’ve left out a small yet utterly crucial detail. It is time to remind your clients that if they don’t have a robust travel insurance, they could be in for an expensive shock if they fall ill or have an accident. Overseas medical costs can quickly spiral out of control. And that is if they can be treated in their destination country – what if they have to be evacuated?

Even lost luggage or travel disruption due to weather or security issues can have knock-on effects beyond mere inconvenience, like the cost implications of:

  • rebooking flights
  • extending hotel stays
  • changing car hire terms

That is why LIU Accident and Health offers tailor-made corporate travel insurance that’s specifically designed for the business traveller. With their 24/7 emergency assistance and claims support service, your client can be confident they’ll have specialist help if they have unexpected difficulties – no matter what’s happened or where they are.

Find out more about the full suite of LIU Accident and Health products on their website.