How are you different?

What are you doing to win – and keep – clients? How are you adding value? asks Andrew Klein, an expert at presentation skills.

Insurance brokers are ‘maze-keepers’ and synthesisers of complex information about insurance policies for customers, says Klein, Director of Presentation Skills training company Spike Presentations, in his session at the 2016 NIBA Convention last week.

“It’s your role to help people,” he says. “Your role is to be the maze keeper, the person who helps guide them through the complexities.”

It’s the “art of the broker”, Klein explains.

Customers just want to know the facts and how it will impact on them.

“Treat your customers like people who know nothing about insurance and … have no interest in insurance because they didn’t want to get it in the first place but they had to,” he says. “You are the people who can provide the wisdom … What are you doing in the complex world that you work in to synthesise the information and give them just the wisdom?”

This means stop using jargon and acronyms. Question everything, for example, even the word ‘premium’ while it might be a basic term for someone in insurance, it’s not necessarily plain English, Klein points out.

And then communicate with clients in the way they want to be communicated with. “We need to be communicating with them differently because the world has fundamentally changed. The places that they are looking for information are different.”

He suggests video and YouTube, with stats showing that people are more likely to click and watch a two-minute video, and “send, spread and evangelise that message”, than read a document. It could be as easy as sharing a video that you’ve seen that’s related to the business that your customer is in.

Also: “You’ve got to be playing as much as possible on social media,” Klein adds.

Finally, simplify.

“Clients are drowning in information … We don’t look at any of the stuff we get,” he points out. “We understand in your industry the need for documentation … but if you are still working that way in a couple of years, your industry will be Uber’d.”