Industry awards an innovation tool, winners say

Industry awards are more than just a marketing tool; they can also drive your own team to be more innovative, the NIBA Convention has heard.

Yesterday, a sessions entitled Secrets of Our Success brought together Brooklyn Underwriting Director David Porteous, Simplex Director Kay Jackson, Parmia Director Danny Gumm, MGA Executive Chairman John George and Roderick Insurance Brokers General Manager Marnie Roderick-Shepherd, each representing multi-award winning companies.

Jackson says while industry awards can help get business over the line in a competitive market, the real value lies in the effect they have on staff and innovation within the company.

“It’s also about celebrating the hard work we put in day after day. It’s fantastic for staff morale and it gives you renewed enthusiasm,” she says.

“After winning an award, when we go to have our next team meeting we’re thinking about what can we do stay in contention for next year.

“We’re always looking at how we can better than we are today. We don’t want to stop at what we’ve got today. We want to keep moving.”

Gumm says Australia’s Tall Poppy Syndrome kept many people from entering awards but that was a detriment to their business.

“People don’t want to put their hands up but it is important to get your name out there and promote the good work you are doing,” he says.

“That is how you grow your business and find opportunities.”

Gumm last week sold Parmia Insurance to Arthur J Gallagher, and says the discussions that led to that sale came about as a direct result of him winning the NIBA 2013 Broker of the Year title.