Industry seeks input from YPs

All young professionals are invited to take part in a freshly-launched survey devised to assess issues with talent retention in the insurance industry.

ANZIIF is calling on under-35s to take part in a landmark survey to address concerns surrounding the skills shortage within the insurance industry.

ANZIIF CEO Prue Willsford says: “With so much talk around the gap left by retiring baby boomers and the ascent of Gen X into the top insurance jobs, it is vital that we understand the experiences of under-35s so that we can attract, retain and develop them.”

Willsford says the survey will play a key part in understanding how companies can better harness the younger demographics’ talents and skills, while also gaining a better understanding of their aspirations and motivations.

“With a clearer understanding of this group we will be best placed to establish ourselves as the employers and industry of choice, and this is an important factor in setting insurance up for future success,” she says.

Questions from the survey include: ‘If any, what are three of the biggest challenges or stressors you are currently experiencing as a young person in the insurance industry?’ And, ‘What actions could your company undertake to keep you engaged, motivated and working for them for the next 5 years?’

To take part in the survey, click here.