Innovative broker targets new audience

BizCover has launched a Chinese language version of its website in a bid to reach the Australian Chinese SME community.

Close to 500,000 Australian residents are Chinese-born nationals, with a further 1,500 moving to the country every month. While many can speak English, they often struggle when it comes to the jargon and complexities of signing up for financial services, such as insurance, and this was a driving factor behind BizCover’s decision.

Close to 500,000 Australian residents are Chinese-born nationals.

Michael Gottlieb, Managing Director of BizCover, said: “Our business has always been about simplifying the process of getting insurance for small business. When we realised that one of the biggest hurdles for the Australian Chinese community was understanding basic terminology, we decided that there was something we could do about it.”

Gottlieb also admitted to having further expansion plans for the site to target other international language users. “With ASIC keen to make insurance more accessible to the non-English speaking community, we hope this will be the first of many international language sites for BizCover,” he added.

The Chinese-language version of the BizCover website can be viewed here. Once customers apply for their insurance, each question is provided in English with a Chinese translation.

You can read an in-depth interview with Mega Capital and BizCover MD Michael Gottlieb here.