Insight CEO sets sights on ARs for growth


Recently appointed Insight CEO David McKinnis has outlined his plans for renewed growth, with an increasing focus on bringing authorised representatives (ARs) into the fold.

McKinnis stepped into the role late last year, following the departure of Moira Kemp, and immediately signalled his intention to grow the cluster group, which deals mainly with small- to medium-sized brokers.

He says one his first orders of business has been canvassing current, former and prospective members, along with insurers and premium funders to get a full picture of the group.

Businesses operating the same way they did 10 years ago are faltering or failing.

“Consequently there are two priorities for us: to grow our member numbers and increase value for our members. We’re currently developing initiatives to assist with these priorities,” he says.

“Growth is critical for us to successfully meet our priorities. We believe the timing is perfect with both opportunities in the AR space and also with other smaller brokers being encouraged by the bigger cluster groups to merge.

“We can offer smaller brokers a full range of products and services without them losing their independence or identity, which could happen if they merged. While growth is critical, we’re not competing with larger groups. We have a unique offering, one that is attractive for small- to medium-sized brokers and increasingly for ARs. We’ll continue to enhance that offering in a range of ways.”

McKinnis says Insight has some significant opportunties in the works but also faces the same challenges as the rest of the industry, namely professionalism and education.

“One of the best ways to increase professionalism is through a lifetime of education, which is where we play an integral role for members,” he says.

“Businesses operating the same way they did 10 years ago are faltering or failing. But businesses thinking about what their operation will be doing in five years’ time are more likely to be on a path of success.

“In a broader sense I have an aspiration to see our industry presented in a more positive light, both as a viable career opportunity and as a provider of financial stability to individuals and the wider community when disasters strike.”