Insurance company launches success hub for SMEs

Vero has launched an interactive online platform to help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) benchmark themselves against notable business success stories.

The Success Hub is an online repository where SMEs can read success stories, obtain hints for achieving success and use the Vero ‘Success Meter’. This interactive tool provides users with a ‘Success Profile’ and measures them against similar businesses. Business owners or managers can develop their Success Profile by answering a series of attitudinal and demographic questions. With this information, the tool will generate a comparison to other owners or managers who share the same Success Profile.

The initiative is part of a broader advertising campaign, launched this week, which celebrates the successes of SMEs. The campaign focuses on the individual ambitions of five real-life business owners, particularly how they each define success.

Each owner has their own definition of success. While one owner is motivated by inspiring others to achieve their own success, others are driven by their ability to turn their personal passion into a commercial venture.

The one thing the owners all share is the desire to protect their success.

Business owners are also given the chance to win a $20,000 business grant and a working lunch with Tristan White, a business owner whose company The Physio Co was ranked first in Business Review Weekly’s top-50 places to work in Australia in 2014. Brokerages that qualify as small businesses can also apply for this competition.